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GoDaddy Now Registering .me Domains: Does Anyone Care?

GoDaddy, one of everyone’s least favorite registrars, has started registering .me domains. At $40 for a two-year registration, they’re not the cheapest domains on the block, but there certainly are some interesting possibilities. Such as


Could be fun, right? Too bad, GoDaddy doesn’t like it when you have fun.

GoDaddy has already taken most of the “good” ones and put them up for auction. And then there are issues with multiple people trying to register a domain, all of them being charged and recieving reciepts, but only one getting the domain in the end (asssuming GoDaddy doesn’t just sit on the domain).

So… We have a new TLD with potentially cool naming possibilities, but GoDaddy screws it up.

Google and Yahoo to Index Flash (Unfortunately)

Earlier this month, Google and Yahoo announced that they will soon begin reading and indexing Flash files. This means that the search engines will be able to read through the content inside a full-Flash website (example) and commit the content to the index, where…

The PHP Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks [Book Review]

About a year ago, I purchased a copy of Sitepoint‘s book The CSS Anthology, which I enjoyed. While browsing through the “Computers” shelf in the local library’s New Books room, I came across a copy of The PHP Anthology. This isn’t your garden variety…

When Should You Upgrade WordPress?

As soon as possible! When a new WordPress release, it normally fixes a plethora of bugs and security holes (WordPress 2.6 patches a round total of 196), in addition to adding useful new features. One of the biggest reasons people wait to upgrade is…

BlogBuzz July 19, 2008

WP 2.6 WTH: Where’s the Button?

Some n00b WordPress developer apparently thought it would be funny to remove the Image button in the WYSIWYG editor. Well it isn’t. Do you have any idea how often I insert images into my posts? Often enough I shouldn’t have to tab into HTML…

What Does Your Computer’s Desktop Look Like?

You heard me. Do you have the default wallpaper up still, or did you find one online (or make one yourself)? Do you stuff as many icons onto the screen as possible, or do you prefer a less cluttered approach? If you’re a Mac…

WordPress Template Tag Reference

DBS>Interactive has put together a comprehensive template tag list for WordPress users. The easy to navigate list features expandable JavaScript boxes that display examples and instructions for the tags, as well as a complete list of parameters for the function. While it has exactly…


Yahoo recently released a new search API. Known as Yahoo BOSS, for “Build your Own Searcg Service,” the API allows you to query search results from their servers, format them however you want, mash the data up with other services, and even re-order results.…

WordPress Email Obfuscation

Email obfuscation is a useful technique to use to stop spammers from finding your email address (as opposed to the more common “munging” where you write “me [at] blah [dot] com”). An obfuscated email address is unreadable to humans and most robots in the…