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15 Bloggers Worth Following on Twitter

Getting started with Twitter? Looking for some more people to follow? A lot of bloggers, like yourself no doubt, use Twitter too. Here are a few you may want to pay attention to.

Smashing Magazine

The most smashingest blog on the planet is now on Twitter. Find out about new posts faser than your RSS reader can keep up, see what the Smashing folks are finding online, etc. Follow smashingmag.

Tom Merrit

Tom is an executive editor at CNET, and co-host of the Buzz Out Loud podcast. Keep up with what Tom’s up to, and be alerted when Buzz Out Loud is streaming live online. Follow acedtect.


Sumesh’s blog covers “software, internet and productivity tips.” Sumesh has been a tech addict for quite some time, and knows his stuff when it comes to blogging. Follow sumesh.

Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the ProBlogger. You know, the ProBlogger. If you’re blogging and havn’t heard of him, then you must be blogging under a rock. Follow problogger.

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Outsourcing: You Can’t Do Everything Yourself

Running a large-scale blog can be a lot of work. If you gain a large readerbase, and are barely keeping up with writing posts, and managing others’ posts if you’re the editor of a multi-author blog, how are you going to find the time…

Amazon Auto Affiliate Linker

Prolific plugin author Joost de Valk has put together a WordPress plugin that’s simple in function and insanely useful. Are you a member of Amazon Associates? Amazon’s widely-used affiliate program can be an effective way to monetize a blog, especially if the blog publishes…

CSS Tip: Reset Browser Defaults

If you were to create a bare minimum XHTML document, with no CSS applied, and fill it with various elements (a few paragraphs, a heading or two, etc), you’ll notice that web browsers have default formatting for everything. Paragraphs have a certain amount of…

36 Font Resources

Everyone likes fonts. From the days of the IBM selectric, with it’s swappable type spheres, to the introduction of the Macintosh, which brought zillions of typefaces to the personal computer, people have loved playing with fonts. Fonts are a big part of graphic design,…

BlogBuzz August 16, 2008

WP Vote

Word of a new social media site has been slowly spreading through the blogosphere. WP Vote, based off the Pligg CMS, is a topical Digg-type site focusing on WordPress-related posts. I assume the site is fairly new, since I’m just now hearing about it,…

Scheduled Post Shift Plugin

Have you ever wished you could have your oldest posts continually pushed back to the top of the stack, in order to highlight old articles from your archives? It’s not something I would do myself, but apparently there are some who would. has…

Collis Ta’eed is at it Again: Introducing Theme Forest

Collis Ta’eed’s company, Envato, is in the process of launching another FlashDen-style site. Known as Theme Forest, it will be a marketplace for web templates. Straight XHTML/CSS, or built for specific CMSes, the themes will sell from $5 to $75 (the staff set the…

WordPress 2.7 to Include “Uninstall” Hooks

When you deactivate and delete a plugin in WordPress, something generally stays behind. All the tables the plugin added to the database, and their respective rows, remain behind, unless the plugin developer thoughtfully included a function to wipe them before deactivating. This means, if…