Revolution Two WordPress Themes

Remember the Revolution WordPress themes? (I certainly do, I used to make some good money off their affiliate links…) Well, there have been some changes happening. The old Revolution premium themes are no longer available, and they have been replaced by a set of themes that aren’t just free but open source as well.

Revolution Two, as the theme collection is called, is an interesting idea. The themes are all free and open source. You can use them however you want, even use them as a basis for contracted client design work, and the cost is $0.00.

To make money off their work, the Revolution Two people offer paid plans for support and the like. My only complain is that they push the paid subscription links in your face, while the “Download unsupported version” link is tiny and easy to overlook. I’m not against them making money, but they don’t have to hide the download link.

The Revolution Two team also offers custom design services, for those with a bit of cash and a need for a unique design.

Overall I think the launch of Revolution Two has gone fairly well. Hopefully we’ll see some additional themes coming out soon from them.

  • nhoss2

    their site was laggy when it came out

  • Rich Hill

    I have looked at their themes off and on for quite a while and each time get turned off by that damned word “Revolution” being in the main title.Does it have to be that way?

  • Steven Clark

    I’ve looked at their site for the last 5 minutes and can’t see any obvious place where anything free, especially a free theme? Obviously they don’t really want to give anything away but were looking to make a bit of a marketing splash with some announcement… a bit of a shoddy way to bring traffic to their site though. If I, a person who works on websites most of the time, have trouble finding their link you can bet most people are going to give in very quickly. But I have to admit, not really into paid or even free 3rd party themes. Experience has shown me they bring as much headache in the end as working on templates from the ground up.

  • Matt

    Steven, I know what you mean. I had a lot of trouble finding the download link. While I was checking out the site I kept thinking “where the heck is the option to not pay $100?” Here’s a screenshot showing where the link is: Really? Are they crazy?

    And yeah, it often is a bit of a pain to work with 3rd party themes. I’ve done it on plenty of occasions. Sometimes a free/paid theme is a good starting point, but it definitely can be a headache.

    @nhoss2, it still is laggy. It was a couple days ago, and it hasn’t improved much.

  • Haruyoshi

    The theme is neat and beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  • hadi

    I try to get it but I redirect to studiopress site, is the site still there?

    • redwall_hp

      The "Revolution Two" collection is now known as StudioPress. I don't think they have any themes under the Revolution name anymore though…