WordPress Theme of the Month: Simple

It’s May 2008, and this month’s featured WordPress theme is Simple. A live demo is available.


The theme is, as the name suggests, simple. The most noticeable part of the theme is the header, which is compact and functional. The rest of the theme (down to the footer, anyway) is your content.

Once you’re past the content, you’ll see a tabbed box to hold fun stuff like popular posts, categories, and top commentators.

Simple is a nice, lightweight theme that’s great for a personal blog, or some other scenario where you want to have a very clean design. With Simple, you won’t have to worry about cluttering your template with ads and widgets, since there isn’t really any room for any. It would also work well for a TumbleBlog, or a podcast site, since podcasts usually carry advertising in the audio files, rather than on the site. (Well, when I say there isn’t any room for ads, I didn’t mention that if you made the content area a little wider, with a little bit of CSS magic, you could put a Leaderboard banner right below the header. Advertisers would love it, but I don’t know if I want to encourage that…)