WordPress Theme of the Month: Lemon Twist

This month’s WordPress Theme of the Month is Lemon Twist by FarFromFearless.

Lemon Twist WordPress Theme

Lemon Twist is the design used for its creator’s blog, and it’s a great theme. There are some slight discrepancies between the FarFromFearless site and the theme, like the logo styling, but they’re minor. The green coloration looks good, and I like the tabbed navigation. The sidebar looks good too, and you could probably squeeze a couple columns of 125×125 ads into it if you wanted.

I like the interesting structure of the comment template. This is the only theme I recall seeing that has the comments displayed to the left, with the comment form in a separate column to their right. It makes sense, though. A user could easily leave a comment without scrolling through several existing messages. Also, I applaud the usage of Gravatars, and the highlighting of author comments. The word-bubble-from-the-avatar styling looks good too…

Lemon Twist WordPress Theme Comment Template

This is a great theme, and one I highly recommend.