An Interesting Use for WP125

Dave Rigotti has found an interesting new use for my WP125 plugin. It came to my attention recently while I was checking my Technorati link feed.

He is using the plugin, which is usually for displaying 125×125 advertisements in your blog sidebar, to count how many times his RSS button is clicked. So coupled with the Feedburner subscriber count, he has a metric of how many people actually subscribe to the feed after clicking the icon.

If you’re curious, approximately 21% people subscribe to this blog after clicking the big button to the right.

Interesting idea, Dave. I never would of thought of using an ad plugin to test links’ conversion rates. I suppose it’s not too huge stretch, but it’s quite creative.

It’s kind of fun seeing people use my plugins for things I never intended for originally.

  • Dave Rigotti

    Thanks for the credit, glad you found it interesting!

  • Michael Martin

    That’s a pretty cool idea. 21% is a little lower than I would have guessed an RSS feed conversion rate would be. Interesting to know. :D

  • Matt

    Hmm… I bet CrazyEgg could figure that sort of data too. Just create a tracking job and after it finishes, switch to the right view, and I think it should have the number of clicks listed somewhere.

  • WP Cult

    That is a good idea.