WP125 1.2.0 Released

Version 1.2.0 of the WP125 ad management plugin has been released. You can download the latest version from WordPress Extend, or you can update using WordPress’s automatic plugin updater.

The latest version streamlines the management workflow, and overall makes the plugin more friendly with WordPress 2.7. The subtle usability tweaks should make it easier to navigate the plugin in the latest WordPress release.

But what about the more major features?

  • The ability to recieve email notifications a few days in advance of an ad expiring, instead of just the moment the ad expires and is taken down, has been added. his will allow you to contact the advertiser and send a follow-up before the ad is taken down. The number of days before the advance notice is configurable.
  • The ads will have alternating CSS classes applied to them, in the fashion of the WordPress “oddcomment” class. This will enable even greater flexibility in your custom styling if you wish. Ads alternate between having “odd” and “even” applied, in addition to the standard “wp125ad” class.
  • Since someone sends me an email every other day asking how to have the ad links open in new windows (which I’m not a huge fan of), and I have to explain what lines in wp125.php to edit, I added an easier way to enable said effect. There is a line near the top of the file that can be uncommented, which will enable target=”_blank” attributes on the ads. If you know enough PHP to edit the contstant definition, you could also use the line to add a different attribute to the ad links, maybe a custom CSS or a JavaScript snippet.

A few minor bugs were fixed, and some performance tweaks were made to the code as well. Thanks to Joost de Valk for a minor fix for the click counting function.

If you have any questions, or if you find any bugs in the release, please leave a comment or send me an email. I will get to any critical fixes as soon as possible.

  • http://www.softinquiry.com Dan

    Sounds interesting. Looking forward to testing it someday. Cheers !