Yearly Archives: 2008

Blogger is Beyond Easy

I’ve been playing around with blogger lately, for a bit of a pet project, and I’ve been amazed at it’s recent improvements. It’s a little too easy to edit your template. You can just drag-around little building blocks, and you’re done. It’s like playing with Legos. It’s almost…fun. However, I’m stil not about to “widgetize” my blog! I like editing code.

WordPress Theme of the Month: Visionary 1.1

Visionary is this month’s highlighted WordPress theme.

Best of 2007

It’s 2008! Webmaster-Source has been a blog for a year (okay, half a year…), so let’s recap some of the better posts, and review our progress. I say “our progress”, because there wouldn’t be any without all of you who read this blog. A…