Yearly Archives: 2008

Include Common JavaScript Libraries in Your WordPress Theme

I bet you didn’t know that WordPress already includes several common JavaScript libraries, ready to be called upon with a simple template tag. Libraries such as

  • jQuery
  • Scriptaculous
  • Tiny MCE
  • Thickbox

Want to use jQuery in your theme, for a tabbed box, an AJAX something, or some sort of DHTML effect? You can add it in with a single template tag in your header.

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CSS Tip: Remove Link and Form Field Outlines

In most browsers, a dotted outline appears around links when they are clicked. In some cases, this is annoying, such as with a JavaScript tabbed box or a graphical navigation menu. While it’s a minor issue, it still doesn’t look quite right… Then you…

Test Your Site Locally With WAMP/MAMP

Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to test a new version of your website locally, on your own computer, before putting it up on your server? Suppose you were working on a new design, and were coding it as a WordPress theme. You…

What Do You Want to See in WordPress 2.8?

WordPress 2.7 will be shipping within the next couple weeks, bringing with it a variety of improvements and new features. Now that it’s feature set is pretty much set in stone, let’s start talking about version 2.8. What kind of features do you want…

BlogBuzz November 8, 2008

Archives: Blogs’ Achilles’ Heel

Do you know what one of the hardest things to get right in a blog, and one of the most critical? (Not to mention one of the most overlooked…) Archives. Every post you write is stored in the database permanently, and is always accessible…

WordPress Theme of the Month: Color Paper

This month’s featured WordPress theme is Color Paper from Smashing Magazine.

WordPress 2.7: Coming Along Great

The first beta of WordPress 2.7 is out, and I have to say it’s starting to look good. A couple things that bug me, but overall it’s coming along great. Before downloading the latest trunk off the WordPress SVN repository, I listened to the…

Make Use Of Loses Their Domain

The popular tech blog Make Use Of, which normally resides at, has lost their domain. At least for now. On November 2, somewhere late in the day I assume, one of the bloggers at discovered that the domain had been parked. When…

Three Downloadable Twitter Bird Images

Twitter, it’s everywhere. Many bloggers add “follow me” links or “latest tweets” boxes to their blogs. And if you’re going to do that, why not add a Twitter bird nearby? It visually shows “this is related to Twitter,” and it draws the eye to…