WordPress Theme of the Month: Too Newsy

Too Newsy Theme

This month’s featured WordPress theme is “Too Newsy” by Performancing Themes. It is a nice lightweight theme with a professional and journalistic feel to it. The minimalism and color scheme work well together, creating a nice overall look.

The theme comes in two versions, one for WordPress 2.7, and one for prior versions of WordPress. The 2.7-ready versions comes equipped with many of the goodies introduced in 2.7, such as threaded comments.

The middle sidebar displays “snippets of the latest posts in a pre-defined category (which is by default the ‘features’ category). This can be useful for bloggers who wish to highlight certain posts, such that they are not pushed down too soon by newer ones.”

Both sidebars are widget-ready, and are perfect for link-lists and many other widget items. Though neither sidebar is wide enough to accommodate the 300px minimum required for a two-column block of 125×125 ads, you could certainly arrange them vertically. The WP125 plugin makes it easy to do so.