WordPress Theme of the Month: Illacrimo

It’s February 2008, and this month’s featured WordPress theme is Illacrimo.

Illacrimo is a cool theme composed mainly of several shades of blue. It’s three-column layout looks great, and there’s plenty of room in the sidebar columns. The middle column has 230 pixels of usable content area (widthwise), and the rightmost has 160.

There’s plenty to tweak, add, and move. With that much sidebar width available, there’s little you can’t put in them. Since one sidebar is nice and wide, while the other is more narrow, you can add virtually anything without it looking out of place (this is often a problem with all of the fixed-width JavaScript widgets).

Unfortunately, there isn’t space to put 125×125 square button ads (as seen on ProBlogger) in the normal manner (a 2×3 grid). However, all is not lost. You could place the 125x125s vertically in the rightmost column. It would look okay, as long as you center them in the column.

Personally, I’d tweak the header a little in Photoshop, and add a logo before using the theme, but that’s just me. Illacrimo is a great theme, and one of my favorites.