All in One SEO Pack

Did you know there is an easy way to dramatically improve your WordPress blog’s search rankings? Try installing the All in One SEO Pack, one of the most popular WordPress plugins.

The plugin

  • Prevents duplicate content issues
  • Rewrites page titles to be more search engine-friendly.
  • Generates dynamic meta tags for permalink pages. A short snippet from the article is used for the meta description, and the post’s tags are used for the keywords.
  • Allows you to manually override the meta tags and title tag on a post-by-post basis as well.

These things can really help out your rankings. The <title> tag is a major point of focus for Google and other search engines, and it’s the part of a result that searchers pay the most attention to. It pays to have good titles.

Meta tags may not have the weight they once did, but they are still considered, and are worth paying attention to all the same.

As with all matters of SEO, your mileage will vary. This plugin will definitely do more good than harm though.

  • Very Evolved

    I've been considering installing that but have been reluctant to unless it's unambiguously playing nice with 2.7

    Followed you over from your comment on problogger BTW – hilarious.


    • redwall_hp

      I'm running it right now on 2.7, and have been for a few weeks, and haven't had any problems with it so far. Glad you liked the comment. :)

  • Critical Illness Guy

    I've just installed it to 2.7 and I have to say it looks so simple! So simple that I did wonder if it would really make a difference but we shall see.

    • Alex Cristache

      Used right it makes a HUGE difference. Just like anything SEO related.

  • TheFrosty

    As long as you have the latest, I believe 1.4.7..

    • Very Evolved

      Cheers redwall & Frosty. I've scheduled an install for the weekend. On a related note, anyone have any experience with wp-cache?

      • TheFrosty

        I have not tried it before..

  • Spunky Jones SEO

    I am a true believer in the All in One SEO Pack Plugin. It has made a nice difference in getting my blog post pages ranked in the top 30 of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    However, If you forget to add the meta tags manually and that will hurt your rankings in the search engines. I have created a new plugin to search all of your blog post and pages for missing meta tag fields. It is called the “Missing Data, All in One SEO Pack which is a Addon plugin” You can find that at the Spunky Jones SEO Blog.