Twhirl: A Lightweight Twitter Client

Twhirl is my Twitter client of choice. It’s lightweight and it has a respectful feature set. Twhirl runs on Adobe AIR, and therefore will work on Windows and Mac OS X. (Linux too, but if I remember correctly, Adobe AIR is a little buggy on Linux.)

Twhirl notifies you of incoming tweets, marks those you haven’t read yet, and offers Friendfeed support as well as Twitter. It has several URL shortening options built-in, including the very short, and TwitPic support exists.

A handy “Retweet” function is included along with the Reply and Direct message buttons.

Nearly any day-to-day Twitter task can be done through Twhirl. It’s a simple and elegant solution for desktop Twitter usage, and one I highly recommend.

  • guitarnoize

    Check out TweetDeck too I've switched from Twhirl I think it has some great features.

    • redwall_hp

      I tried TweetDeck briefly, but never got into it. I like the simplicity of Twhirl. It works for my purposes, so I haven't felt the need to switch.

  • Crixtorm

    Personally, I use DestroyTwitter 95% of the time. (with web and HootSuite being the remainder)

  • Igor

    If you're interested mainly in posting then Threeter is worth a try. More at

  • Joe Ksonue

    Put down the crack pipe and back away.

    While cool, Twirl is not “lightweight”. Twirl requires Adobe Air, as you mention.

    Adobe Air is a bloated piece of software and a hog.

    This is an example of a lightweight Twitter client. It runs on REBOL, which is 650Kb, that’s right KILOBYTES, not 10s of MEGABYTES that is Adobe Air.

    The client code most likely is under 100Kb.

    • Matt

      Lightweight in that it has a clean interface and does what it’s intended to. I’ll concede that Adobe AIR isn’t the lightest weight of platforms…