BuySellAds WordPress Plugin

I’ve previously talked about the distinguished BuySellAds banner marketplace. The network makes it much easier to sell ad space on your website, and has proven to be an excellent alternative to directly making deals with advertisers.

Thaya Kareeson of has put together a great WordPress plugin to make it easier to add the BSA ad code to your site. (As if pasting a bit of JavaScript wasn’t easy enough.)

The Buy Sell Ads WordPress Plugin, once installed, allows you to insert an ad zone into your sidebar simply by dropping a widget in. For ads elsewhere, or if you don’t have a widgetized theme, you can use a template tag instead.

You can toggle some options like whether or not a placeholder ad should be displayed (recommended), and whether the ads should have nofollow attributes (also recommended). There’s also a field for editing the ad CSS.

The real unique feature is the ability to stop ad-blocking software from filtering-out the ads. The plugin caches BuySellAds’s JavaScript on your server and generates a random hash every half hour or so. The hash is used as the path to the JavaScript files, and through that and the other precautions, it’s nearly impossible to block the ads. No AdBlock subscription will catch them, and it’s certainly very hard to block them manually.

  • Thaya Kareeson

    Thanks again for the review and for your kind words Matt!

  • Mayur

    This seems like a very useful plugin, thanks for all the info. Usually, the placement depends on the template and some templates have fixed number of ad blocks, so i guess by using this we can have a total control on ad placement and number of blocks? I am going to try one of those and see which is better one.