WordPress Hosting Monitor Plugin

The WordPress Hosting Monitor plugin, created by WebHostingSearch.com, that gathers useful data about the server your blog is hosted on, and spits it out in a convenient widget.

If you only have access to your server via FTP you really won’t know all that much about it. The reason for this lack of information is that you don’t have admission to the SSH, also known as the terminal, network protocol. Many of the biggest hosting providers are for some reason a bit shady when it comes to some of the numbers and stats that can be useful for their clients to know. We recognize this problem and have therefore created a plugin with which you will be able to see basic info that can help you understand your site and server better.

The plugin shows the OS the server is running, CPU speed, cache size, RAM usage, load averages, and the time since the last downtime (among other things).

The data can be output via a widget, or a template tag that you could put somewhere out of the way. You can customize what information is displayed, so I can output select data to be shown to the general public (e.g. server uptime). A page under the Settings menu lets you choose what data to display.

The plugin provides some interesting insights into your server, and is certainly a fun thing to play around with, and could potentially be useful for diagnosing issues.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ezgass ezg

    Wow, really great plugin.
    I think everybody should use it if have any problems with hosting. Of course, not all hosting providers are making big problems or hiding information about servers, but if they do so you just need to install this plugin and use it.
    Thanks for link!!

  • http://www.strictlyonlinebiz.com/blog/ Udegbunam Chukwudi

    I’ll be trying this out on my blogs. Hopefully it monitors downtime accurately.
    Feedback coming soon.