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Twitter Launching “Verified Accounts” This Summer

After a recent lawsuit between over a case of somebody posting fake tweets in a public figure’s name, Twitter has decided to implement a method of account verification. The feature, which will be released experimentally this summer, will take the form of a “verified account” seal displayed on accounts that are authenticated in some manner.

Details of what the verification process entails are undisclosed at this time, though Mashable has speculated:

As to how actual verification will work, it seems that Twitter will look to see if an official channel of the person in question links to his or her Twitter account from a place like an official website. This is a perfectly logical way to verify accounts, in our opinion. Details are scarce on the full plan, though.

This seems like a good idea, as people such as celebrities, politicians, and businesses are increasingly subject to whatever adverse effects come from impersonators on Twitter.

CrunchPad: The TechCrunch Internet Tablet

TechCrunch has “just about nailed down the final design” for their long-awaited “CrunchPad,” the popular tech blog’s first foray into the consumer hardware arena. The CrunchPad is to be an internet tablet running a version of Linux and a Webkit-based browser, controlled by a…

WordPress MU to be Merged with WordPress Core

WordPress MU, the branch of WordPress that runs the popular “instant blog” site is being discontinued. Matt Mullenweg announced at WordCamp San Francisco that the multi-blog capabilities of WPMU would be merged with the main WordPress core, a la Movable Type. The two…

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

I recently started using the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin on Webmaster-Source. The plugin provides an easy way to format code snippets for display in posts, complete with colorization. When using SyntaxHighlighter Evolved, you don’t need to replace quotation marks with " or anything like that.…

BlogBuzz June 6, 2009

WordPress Theme of the Month: Typebased

This month’s featured free WordPress theme is Typebased by WooThemes.

Microsoft’s “Bing” Search Engine Isn’t So New After All…

Microsoft recently launched their new search engine “Bing,” in an attempt to compete in the arena that Google has pretty much already won. There was a bit of talk leading up to the relatively quiet launch, which promptly disappointed me.

Basic HTTP Authentication With PHP

Basic HTTP authentication is rudimentary method of requesting a username and password, then allowing or denying access based on the credentials entered. You’ve probably seen it in action somewhere or another. If you try to subscribe to a protected RSS feed, such as the…

The 1Kb CSS Grid

Grid Design is something that’s being talked about a bit lately, and many people are using frameworks like 960gs to help them do it. A recent guest post over at Usability Post (by Tyler Tate) shows how to create a grid with your own…

Flavour Extended Icon Set

Smashing Magazine has released a new icon set designed by Oliver Twardowski: Flavour Extended. The set includes 452 transparent PNG icons, along with their respective PSD source files. The icons are 48×48 pixels in size, and easily shrinkable if you require a smaller size.…

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