WordPress Theme of the Month: Doc

This month’s featured WordPress theme is Doc. [Preview]

Doc Theme

Doc is a minimal one-column theme, about as minimal as you can get. Lots of whitespace, and absolutely no imagery. It’s all typography. The theme is meant to put your content front and center, with as few distractions as possible.

While the concept is a bit unusual, it’s a nice niche theme. It would be well suited for use on a very word-heavy blog, such as a book review site, or an experimental blog-as-a-novel project.

The typeface used is Times New Roman, though it should be easy enough to change it to prefer to something more elegant if you so chose. (I rather like Georgia and Garamond myself, though you can’t necessarily count on everyone having them installed…)

  • http://visionwidget.com Joseph

    poor or best? i dont know, lol