Support Freeware Developers With #DonateFriday

If you’ve been using Twitter for any length of time, you’ve likely run into the phenomenon known as “Follow Friday,” where people tweet a list of users worth following, along with a #followfriday hashtag.

In the past few months something new and interesting started up: Donate Friday. The idea is you’re probably using several free WordPress plugins that take someone’s time and effort to develop. So on Donate Friday you pick one, donate any sum of money, however much you think the plugin is worth to you, and then you tweet about it with the #donatefriday hashtag.

The original post about Donate Friday suggested doing this not only for plugin developers, but theme creators, or anyone else contributing to the WordPress community.

Why not take it a little further? WordPress isn’t the only conglomeration of freeware developers. You probably use some free software (GPL or otherwise) every day that you find essential. Why not give them a little too? You could send a few dollars along to the people behind CyberDuck, Ubuntu, whatever software you like. Pick one every week or two and send them a (non-Starbucks) coffee.