Digg 4: It’s Actually Usable Now!

I stopped using Digg a year or two ago because the quality of the links on the front page was rapidly deteriorating. Also, the trollish users were really getting on my nerves.

The new Digg Version 4 changes all of that, and turns the site into a place that’s actually pleasant to use. You get a customized Twitter-style feed of the profiles you “follow,” which is sorted by the number of votes the articles receive. I had been beta testing the site for awhile, but it’s live for everyone now.

The content is better, since you have more control over what you see. And most of the posts I end up seeing have zero comments, which is also nice. :)

It’s easier to post new links than before, with a streamlined URL box that lets you breeze right through the process.

For us content producers, there’s a neat new feature that will take an RSS feed or two and automatically Digg anything published in it. So you can take your blogs’ feeds and have their posts automatically submitted to your profile. So you can automate the posting of your own stuff, freeing you up to submit content you find elsewhere.

Also, when you post a link to Digg it gives you an option to cross-post it to Twitter and Facebook.

I like the new Digg. I just might start using it again, now that I don’t have to put up with a bunch of foul-mouthed, Apple-bashing 13-year-olds. Just remember, don’t click the “Top News” tab to the right of the default “My News.” You will end up on a page similar to the old Digg.

If you want to give the new Digg a try, you can follow me here.