Rackspace is Shutting Down Slicehost

Customers of the well-liked VPS service Slicehost will be shutting down sometime over the coming months. Rackspace, the company that acquired Slicehost back in 2008, says that this is because of the difficulty of managing “two brands, two control panels and two sets of Support, Engineering and Operations teams,” and that the impending transition to IPv6 will be easier with only one infrastructure to coordinate.

Slicehost customers will be given the chance to move onto the Rackspace Cloud Servers platform. The pricing is good, though. You can get the equivalent of the “256 Slice” plan for a little more than half the price, excluding bandwidth.

Of course, there are still other options for affordable VPS plans. Linode is a popular choice, and I’ve been using VPS.net for awhile now.

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