Pure JavaScript QR Code Generator with jQuery

Need a fast and lightweight way to generate QR codes in-browser, without relying on a third-party service? There’s a new jQuery plugin that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Weighing in at only 4kb, it generates QR codes using only JavaScript—no image resources, no calls to remote servers.

After including it in your page, and jQuery of course, you create an empty DOM element to hold the QR code (a DIV, for example) and then you just do something like this:


The plugin is available on GitHub, and is released by the author under an MIT license.

An alternative, for those of you who don’t mind using a third-party service—and prefer simply including an image rather than extra JavaScript—can use the wonderful Google Chart API.

  • http://zty.me ztyme

    Looks like something i can use on my blog without the problems other QR generators cause to implement, and becuase my blog is part of blogger sphere i cant upload too many files, thanks ill give it a try.