Design Spotlight:

Welcome back to Design Spotlight! I know it’s been awhile, but there have been a lot of other things to post about. Today we tackle Pro Blog Design.

ProBlogDesign has a cool, well-designed, template sporting a three-column layout. [Random thought here: We need to come up with a short name for this type of layout. It’s awkward to say “Three-columned layout with the two sidebars positioned to the right.”] The template uses few images, and features interesting positioning.

The logo (featured in 78 Inspirational Logos) sits inline with some useful text links, positioned at opposing ends of the screen. Floating atop some a green-striped background, the logo text is white, but almost metallic, somewhat reminiscent of the current iMac‘s white finish.

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Webmaster-Source Version 6.0

Meet Webmaster-Source 6.0

It’s been about four years since this site last had a design refresh, and it’s high time it did! Version five really hasn’t changed much over the four years since its launch, and it’s looking a little stale. So today I bring you, the…

BlogBuzz April 14, 2012

How to Add A Floating Social Media Widget Box to Your Blog

Now that most blogs are starting to pare-down their social media buttons and go with the dynamic widgets offered by the three or four largest social media sites, you’ve probably seen a few sites with a floating box that hovers along the left side,…

BlogBuzz July 23, 2011

BlogBuzz July 2, 2011

Design Spotlight: Pro Blog Design 2011

The industrious Michael Martin has once again redesigned Pro Blog Design, this time going for a more open (and less blue) look. The new design better incorporates promotion for Pliable Press and his custom design services, while still leaving room for third-party advertisers on…

BlogBuzz March 26, 2011

Add Submenus to the WordPress Admin Bar

Want to customize the Admin Bar, added in WordPress 3.1, to make it a bit more useful? Rather than removing it, like some people have sought to do, wouldn’t it make more sense to extend it with some additional submenus? If you head over …

Little Big Details: A Blog of UI Details

Michael, the guy behind Pro Blog Design and PliablePress, posted a link recently posted a link to a neat design blog recently. Known as “Little Big Details,” it features minor design elements that are exceptionally functional and possibly worth emulating. I like the concept,…