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WordPress Theme of the Month: Doc

This month’s featured WordPress theme is Doc. [Preview]

Doc Theme

Doc is a minimal one-column theme, about as minimal as you can get. Lots of whitespace, and absolutely no imagery. It’s all typography. The theme is meant to put your content front and center, with as few distractions as possible.

While the concept is a bit unusual, it’s a nice niche theme. It would be well suited for use on a very word-heavy blog, such as a book review site, or an experimental blog-as-a-novel project.

The typeface used is Times New Roman, though it should be easy enough to change it to prefer to something more elegant if you so chose. (I rather like Georgia and Garamond myself, though you can’t necessarily count on everyone having them installed…)

WordPress Theme of the Month: Typebased

This month’s featured free WordPress theme is Typebased by WooThemes.

Typebased Theme

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WordPress Theme of the Month: Gallery

The WordPress Theme of the Month for May 2009 is Gallery, released by Smashing Magazine and designed by Christopher Wallace.

Gallery theme by Smashing Magazine

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WordPress Theme of the Month: Too Newsy

Too Newsy Theme

This month’s featured WordPress theme is “Too Newsy” by Performancing Themes. It is a nice lightweight theme with a professional and journalistic feel to it. The minimalism and color scheme work well together, creating a nice overall look.

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WordPress Theme of the Month: Desk Space

This month’s featured WordPress theme is “Desk Space” by Dirty Blue Media.


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WordPress Theme of the Month: Annexation

This month’s featured WordPress theme is Annexation, released by Six Revisions and created by Chris Wallace.

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WordPress Theme of the Month: Color Paper

This month’s featured WordPress theme is Color Paper from Smashing Magazine.

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Revolution Two WordPress Themes

Remember the Revolution WordPress themes? (I certainly do, I used to make some good money off their affiliate links…) Well, there have been some changes happening. The old Revolution premium themes are no longer available, and they have been replaced by a set of themes that aren’t just free but open source as well.

Revolution Two, as the theme collection is called, is an interesting idea. The themes are all free and open source. You can use them however you want, even use them as a basis for contracted client design work, and the cost is $0.00.

To make money off their work, the Revolution Two people offer paid plans for support and the like. My only complain is that they push the paid subscription links in your face, while the “Download unsupported version” link is tiny and easy to overlook. I’m not against them making money, but they don’t have to hide the download link.

The Revolution Two team also offers custom design services, for those with a bit of cash and a need for a unique design.

Overall I think the launch of Revolution Two has gone fairly well. Hopefully we’ll see some additional themes coming out soon from them.

Last Chance to Buy Revolution Premium WordPress Themes

Just a reminder, the Revolution premium WordPress themes will no longer be available for purchase as of midnight on October 31st.

With the launch of the free Revolution Two themes (post coming soon!), the designer has decided to discontinue the old themes (which are pretty good). I understand his not wanting to make the old themes free, which wouldn’t be very fair to those who paid for them, but why drop them entirely?

So if you’re in the market for a premium WordPress theme, you’d better hurry.

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WordPress Theme of the Month: Agregado

Agregado is October 2008’s featured free WordPress theme.

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