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BlogBuzz September 30, 3007

It’s time to cut my PageRank in half with yet another BlogBuzz. :D

Design Spotlight: Smashing Magazine Gets a New Layout

Well, it looks like Smashing Magazine launched a new layout without telling us. They’ve retained the clean look from the previous design, though the main content area isn’t nearly as wide as it had been previously.

Hey, WordPress Devs! You Screwed-Up Our Incoming Links

You know that convenient spot on the WordPress dashboard that shows links leading to your blog? Guess what. As of WordPress 2.3 it doesn’t work anymore. Some genius thought that instead of pulling the list from Technorati, they should use Google Blog Search instead.…

WordPress Theme of The Month: The Morning After

Yes, I know there are still a few days until November. I figured I’d publish the November theme a little ahead of schedule though. This month’s theme is called The Morning After.

200th Post! Plus WordPress 2.3

Seeing as this is the 200th blog post on Webmaster-Source, I’m going to take this opportunity to fill you in on a little of WSC’s history. I bought the domain about a year and a half ago, and put up a static website…

Got .Web? Alternatives to .Com Domains

“All the good domains are taken!” is one of the most common exclamations among new bloggers. They’re partly right. You have to be real creative when you register a .com or .net domain these days. Domains are taken for legitamate reasons most of the…

The Battle Against Scraping

Yesterday (September 23), I logged into my WordPress Admin panel to tweak something in my theme. In the “Recent Links” area on the dashboard, I saw a link marked “Is Web Design an Art?” I knew I’d previously written a post by that name…

Overselling: Web Hosts’ Little “Secret”

You’ve probably seen the amazing web hosting deals offered by companies like BlueHost, HostMonster, and LunarPages. The claim to offer something like 300GB of storage, and 3000GB (3TB) of bandwidth for the low price of $7/month (or similar). Do you really think that’s possible?…

BlogBuzz September 22, 2007

NorthXEast Up For Sale

The blog NorthXEast (which I read) is, unfortunately, up for sale. It’s a great blog, with a cool layout, and some strong stats. It has 75,000+ unique visitors a month. 103,000+ pageviews per month. PageRank of 4 $175 current monthly revenue 2000+ RSS subscribers,…