Design Spotlight: Schneeballsch8 – The Duo Blog

Schneeballschl8 is a very innovative German blog. It’s two blogs in one, displayed on both sides of the central “sidebar.” (I suppose it would be a centerbar…) Leif Langsdorf and Dennis Nicolai, the two web designers who run the blog, are represented by the two cartoon caricatures in the header, with their blogs below., the duo blog.

There is a lot I like about this design.

  • Both bloggers’ entries are styled either red or blue, to match the caricatures in the header. The single post pages are the same, having either a red or a blue theme depending on whose post it is.
  • On the post pages, the sidebar is shown on a different side of the screen depending on whose entry you are viewing. If you are viewing a “red” post, which appears to the left of the “centerbar” on the main page, the sidebar will be shown on the right. The opposite goes for the “blue” posts.
  • The AJAX search box is cool.
  • The color scheme is good. It’s eye-catching without being distracting, and the text is nice and legible.
  • The Header graphic is well-done.

Schneeballsch8 is one cool blog. I’d like to see more like it in the future. I would subscribe to Schneeballsch8 right now, but I can’t really read German (I know a few basic words and phrases, and Google Translate can only get you so far).