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7 Ways to Make Your Blog Stickier

My guest post 7 Ways to Make Your Blog Stickier has went live over at ProBlogger. (I was wondering why my RSS subscriber count jumped up 30+ readers today…) And, I thank you, Darren, for providing the opportunity to guest-post on your blog.

Defend Your Blog Against Intruders

Back in December, I wrote an article about recovering after your blog has been vandalized. Of course, you want to avoid having your blog trashed in the first place. The Lost Art of Blogging has recently released an informative article on securing your WordPress-powered…

Spam Comments Still Slipping Through

I apologize for any spam comments you may see. Akismet still isn’t doing its job correctly, and some have been slipping through the filters. Rest assured that I will remove them as soon as I notice them.

Beware of Domain Scams

Every time one of my domains is up for renewal, I get sent, through “snail mail,” an official-looking “Domain Expiration Notice” from one of several companies I’ve never heard of. The notice looks very much like a bill, in an attempt to persuade people…

StumbleUpon: Beyond The “Stumble” Button

There’s more to using StumbleUpon than just clicking the Stumble button and landing on random web pages. How do you think the pages ended up in their index in the first place? Someone had to submit them first. Don’t just Stumble. Submit pages, review…

Who Needs More Generic TLDs? This is a Better Idea

If I understand this article correctly, ICANN is planning on allowing organizations to apply to create and manage new TLDs. If so, then that’s an interesting idea. Imagine having a domain with a .blog or .tech extension, or .bowling or .design. Instead of worrying…

Akismet, Don’t Fail Me!

Aaaaargh! There has been far too much spam slipping through Akismet lately. What’s going on? Come on, Akismet, get your act together!

BlogBuzz March 8, 2008

Why Affiliate Programs Don’t Work

Affiliate programs are one of the oldest methods used to monetize web sites, and promote online product sales. By offering a commission, site owners are baited into linking to and promoting a product. This practice has a lot of good and bad implications. However,…

Newbie Tuesdays – Yea or Nay?

I’ve been considering starting a weekly column here at Webmaster-Source, and accepting guest posts for it, as well as long-term guest writers. Generally, I tend to write for intermediate to advanced bloggers, and newcomers to the field are neglected a little. My idea is…