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FaceBox: Facebook-Style JavaScript Overlays

FaceBox DialogLightbox-type DIV overlays have a multitude of uses. If you’re building a web app, or if you are just looking for a way to declutter your blog, you can just sweep elements under the proverbial rug until they’re needed, and then call them back in a “almost-window.”

FaceBox, is yet another way of implementing this functionality, but styled in a similar manner to FaceBook’s pop-up boxes.

FaceBox can display DIVs, images, AJAX-loaded pages, or you can just write content in dynamically via JavaScript. It’s fairly easy to implement the script, though it took me a little bit of tweaking to get all of the images to display correctly (I just had to change a few paths throughout the code).

The JavaScript file is just 6KB, and the 1KB worth of CSS can easily be pasted into your existing stylesheet, or referenced separately. There are also a few assorted images that are required, though they’re mainly under 1K. Also note that FaceBox requires jQuery to function, so you may not want it if you’re a Prototype aficionado.

AJAX Whois

I recently stumbled across AJAX Whois, which may have become my new favorite way to find domains and check WhoIs info. It’s fast, and it’s easy to use. I’m serious when I say AJAX Whois is fast. Start typing in the form, and the…

WordPress 2.5

WordPress 2.5 has just been released. (Great, I just updated to RC2 yesterday…) Coinciding with the update is a new design for

BlogBuzz March 29, 2008

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The iPhone and Web Design

Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch now account for over 70% of US mobile browser traffic. What does this mean for webmasters, and just as importantly, those who design as a business? With the increasing popularity of the iPhone, it’s becoming more important to make…

Poll Results: Newbie Tuesdays – Yea or Nay?

Earlier this month, I asked whether it was a good idea to start a weekly column on Webmaster-Source for newcomers to blogging. It looks like it will be happening. 92% of the voters said they were for the new column, and only 8% were…

A Few RSS Icon Resources

Looking for a good RSS icon for your site? You could go with the standard one, or use a variant that looks similar, without being so unrecognizable people won’t know it’s an RSS button. GloryInLife’s 51 RSS Buttons

31 Professional WordPress Themes

If you’re serious about blogging, and are trying to run a quality blog on a specific topic, you need a good design. Ideally, you want to have a unique design, built by a designer, though you can get away with a pre-made theme if…

WordPress 2.5 Automated Plugin Updater

WordPress users have long complained about the time and effort required to update all of their plugins. WordPress 2.5 RC1 introduces a new feature that allows you to update plugins to their latest version simply by clicking a link and entering your FTP password.…