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Poll Results: What Type of Domain Do You Have?

Last month, I asked what type of domain you have. Only twelve people voted, which seems rather small compared to some previous polls. Thinking about this, I realized a bit of a problem with the polling service I’ve been using: RSS readers generally don’t display JavaScript. I should probably use WP-Polls, or something of the sort, so the poll will show-up in the feed.

Now, moving-on to the poll results.

17% (2 votes) say they have a keyword-filled domain with a .com TLD (like

17% (2 votes) say they have a short, brandable name like

17% (2 votes) say they have a domain, making use of country-level TLDs and subdomains to end-up with an easy to remember domain.

17% (2 votes) say they have a misspelled domain, like

25% (3 votes) say that they have a domain with an alternate TLD, like .net, .org, or .biz.

On IE8’s Controversial “Standards Mode”

Internet Explorer version 8, to be released later this year, will, by default, render web pages the same way as IE7. If the meta tag <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" /> is detected in a page’s header, it will render in the new ACID2-compliant mode. This…

Design Spotlight: Schneeballsch8 – The Duo Blog

Schneeballschl8 is a very innovative German blog. It’s two blogs in one, displayed on both sides of the central “sidebar.” (I suppose it would be a centerbar…) Leif Langsdorf and Dennis Nicolai, the two web designers who run the blog, are represented by the…

Aren’t Affiliate Programs Paid Links

As you know, Google has been battling the whole paid-link idea, trying to keep search result quality up by stopping “unnatural” PageRank distribution. But here’s a thought: Aren’t affiliate programs paid links? Would half as many people link to Amazon pages if it weren’t…

Happy Birthday…to Myself

Today is my 16th birthday. So I guess I’d better get busy if I want to complete my list of things I want to do before I’m 18, which are: 1. Have a short story or novel published. 2. Make at lest $100/mo off…

Fun With Twitter – Speedlinking and Sideblogging via Twitter Tools

Twitter! It’s addicting isn’t it? It can also save you some time if you’re interested in Speedlinking, or provide an easy way to Sideblog. How? Using Alex King’s amazing plugin Twitter Tools. If you want to get the most out of Twitter blog-wise, you…

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