Design Spotlight: Darren Hoyt Dot Com

Web designer Darren Hoyt recently redesigned his blog Darren Hoyt Dot Com.

Darren Hoyt

This freshly minted new design looks good. The brown coloration is pleasant, and I like the edge separating the header and content. The blue navigation box looks a little out of place though.

I like the dropdown menus to the right. They keep the category and monthly archive clutter down, and they seem to work well. You can middle-click the links that drop down to open them in new tabs (far too often dropdown navigations break this feature…). They act a little oddly if you move the cursor down the list too fast though.

The comments are styled to look like word bubbles (one of my favorite types of comment styling).

Overall, the new design is clean simple enough, despite it’s three column layout. It looks well thought out and overall it’s a good design.

As a side note, one thing I like about blog run by designers is that they’re clean. There’s not much that doesn’t provide an important function, and everything is placed carefully. If only more blogs were like that…

  • Darren Hoyt

    Thanks for the write-up! I’m especially happy you noted the organization/placement of content because it was major motivation for this layout, moreso than the actual design.

  • Matt

    @Darren That’s been the driving force behind some of my past redesigns of Webmaster-Source too (I think it’s a fairly common one, actually). The last one here was simply to make room for 125×125 ads (and maybe clean-up a little along the way). The time before, if I remember correctly, was a major structural overhaul with the goal of cleaning out the junk that had accumulated in the single sidebar column, and simplfiying the design a little.