“Super Switch” Plugin For WordPress

In recent versions of WordPress, some features were introduced that some people may find annoying. Some blogger’s have complained about WP nagging them to upgrade, via a yellow stripe along the top of admin screens. Other’s find the new theme preview box annoying. Still others don’t like post revisions or autosave. (I have to say I really like autosave. It’s averted a few disasters for me…)

Remember that line in some WordPress themes, in the header, that read <meta name="generator" content="WordPress <?php bloginfo('version'); ?>" /> <!-- leave this for stats -->? A lot of us would delete it because it added a couple milliseconds to page loads, and was a security risk. (Malicious web users would Google the string it outputs to find sites to target — sites that weren’t up to date.) Well now you deleting it won’t matter. As of WordPress 2.6, the line is added automatically, by way of some hook in the WordPress core files. Nice job, developers, now the “hackers” will be able to tell at a glance whether or not we have the latest patch installed yet.

On the plus side, someone’s put together a plugin to solve the version line problem, as well as many other annoyances out there, such as those mentioned in the first paragraph. It’s called Super Switch. Install it, tell it what you don’t like about WordPress, and it will fix things for you.