iBegin Share

Social media has really taken off in recent years. Few major blogs don’t have some sort of widget or icon on permalink pages to promote Digging, Stumbling, or whatever. Many blogs go nuts and have 26 different social bookmarking icons in a row beneath posts. Talk about clutter.

There are quite a few JavaScript solutions out there to make it easy to share posts, such as the popular ShareThis. However, I found another one fairly recently. iBegin Share is a stylish JavaScript widget that appears as a blue (or other color) “Share” button that, when clicked, opens a dropdown with neat and large icons for social bookmarking sites. Also, there are optional tabs for sharing via email, saving as a PDF, or printing. It looks something like this:

I like the big icons. The size makes it easier to find the icon you’re looking for, rather than wade through a list of tiny favicon-sized images.

iBegin Share is available in both a standalone version, and as a WordPress plugin.

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    I love the easy navigation, and the big display definitely helps. Thanks for sharing this, we’ll have to check it out for MLTV!