Design Spotlight: Newspond


This is a design that comes up in roundups every once in awhile, and small wonder, it’s neat. Newspond is a sort of news aggregator with a science and technology focus. They determine article importance with their own automated metrics rather than solely by user votes. It’s kind of like TechMeme before they decided to start having editors, but much better looking.

I really like the design. It’s sleak and simple, yet very stylized. It’s slightly reminiscent of Apple, but not quite.

Newspond - Sources

  • Mayank

    Well, I will really not comment on the service. However, they surely have one of the best designs on the internet. I like the way that they've kept their design neat and clean and have given the modern and "in trend" effects. Really worth the spotlight

    • redwall_hp

      That's exactly what I like about it. It's clean while having a very modern, high-tech look to it.

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  • Make Money Online

    Cool theme there, but i did not like it much. Design could have been better, but then thats me.