Design Spotlight: Yoast

Joost De Valk recently redesigned his website, The new design is very memorable, and certainly unique.

Yoast Redesign

The new Yoast design is colorful and attention-grabbing, with some interesting touches, such as the way the Subscribe and Search boxes appear as strips wrapped around the main part of the page.

The background illustration is done really well, artfully and technically. I couldn’t find a way to “break” it by resizing the browser window. Shrinking the window didn’t jumble anything up, and the background seems to be constructed to degrade gracefully on larger monitors.

Yoast Footer

The redesign is very well made, and it’s apparent that a lot of time was put into it. Go check it out at for the full effect.

  • Dean Saliba

    I like it. It is certainly different.

    At the moment having a unique site designed for me is not an option but hopefully by the start of next year I'll be earnin enough throuh my blogs to warrant the expense.

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