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Akismet, Don’t Fail Me!

Aaaaargh! There has been far too much spam slipping through Akismet lately. What’s going on? Come on, Akismet, get your act together!

Aren’t Affiliate Programs Paid Links

As you know, Google has been battling the whole paid-link idea, trying to keep search result quality up by stopping “unnatural” PageRank distribution. But here’s a thought: Aren’t affiliate programs paid links? Would half as many people link to Amazon pages if it weren’t…

Happy Birthday…to Myself

Today is my 16th birthday. So I guess I’d better get busy if I want to complete my list of things I want to do before I’m 18, which are: 1. Have a short story or novel published. 2. Make at lest $100/mo off…

2008 Webware 100 Voting

Voting has opened for the 2008 Webware 100 awards. Be sure to vote for WordPress in the Publishing and Photography category!

One Ad Slot Left For Now!

Of the 125×125 ad slots, there is currently one left, for the time being. The bottom slot is the one, at $15/month.

Cool Digg Button

Ars Technica has a really cool variation of the DiggThis widget on their post pages. It looks like they took the low-profile one that Digg offers, and used some CSS trickery on it. It looks pretty good.

125×125 Ads

125×125 ad slots are now up for sale on Webmaster-Source. They are priced from $15-$35 per month, depending on the position in the column. The topmost slot costs $35, the next two $25, and the final two $15.

Theme Updated

I just made some tweaks to WSC’s theme. If you find anything that doesn’t work properly, please let me know.

Adsense for Video is Here

Google’s AdSense for Video is now in beta. You can see some demos here.

WSC is on FaceBook!

Here’s the link to the brand new WSC FaceBook Group. Feel free to join if you’re a FaceBook fanatic.