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A “Nice” Scraper Site?

There’s someone scraping WSC again. However, they’re not republishing the entire article, just the first few sentences. I’m getting backlinks from it, so I probably won’t worry about it. :D

WEB 2.0 Design Quiz

Do you know Web 2.0 design? Take the new Web 2.0 Design Quiz. My score was “Web 2.0 Master’s Degree,” and I only missed one question. I’m betting Michael from Pro Blog Design would miss the same question (hint, hint, Michael). What’s your score?…

Jan. 2007 Stats

AdSense: $8.53, PageViews: 10,049, Uniques: 6301, PR: up to 4.

Mullenweg No Longer On Top

Matt Mullenweg, WordPress developer, is no longer on the top of the Google results for the term “Matt.” since he switched domains, he’s fallen. So I guess it’s open season for the ranking?

Commentators, Etc

Look on the main page, after the first post. Since Imar‘s month of advertising is up, I decided to make the main page a little more interesting. If you’re too lazy to look, there’s a box displaying the top 5 commentators, as well as…

I’m on Twitter!

My twitter account. Do you use Twitter? Feel free to Follow me.

Personal Blog

My new personal blog is up now, if you want to check it out. Intro post.

Attention Design Galleries

Those of you who operate design galleries, pay attention. The pagination (be it a “Next” button or numerical links) goes below the gallery thumbnails, not above. Do you now how annoying it is to have to scroll back up to the top of the…

PageRank Update Complete?

Could the PageRank update be done? All the online PR-checkers seem to be working again. They’re reporting WSC as having PR4 now. I’m fine with that.

Another Google PR Update?

It looks like there may be another PageRank update happening. A lot of sites (including big, well-established ones) are showing a PageRank of zero. Daniel of Daily Blog Tips has found a PR-checking service that appears to be working…and it reports Webmaster-Source as having…