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How Ironic

Hehe. I told you all to update your copyright notices as soon as the new year started, and I forgot to update mine! I just noticed it today.

Blogger is Beyond Easy

I’ve been playing around with blogger lately, for a bit of a pet project, and I’ve been amazed at it’s recent improvements. It’s a little too easy to edit your template. You can just drag-around little building blocks, and you’re done. It’s like playing…

Technorati, Fix Your Outgoing Links!

Technorati, you’re a search engine for crying out loud! It’s very annoying to have to click-through an extra page to get to a result from a search. Yes, we know you’re trying to make gazillions off your ads, but why should we keep using…

WP Super Cache: Editing Templates

I’ve been enjoying WP Super Cache, which has made my blog run quite fast since installing the plugin. My only major complain left is that it makes it harder to make edits to my template. When I make an edit, and refresh the page,…

Going 1152

I just changed my screen resolution to 1152×864 (up from 1024×768). I like the extra space, though the font sizes need a little tweaking. I’ll keep the resolution like this for about a week, and see how I like it. Stolen

Logo designer David Airey’s domain name was┬ stolen about five days ago (oddly I hadn’t heard about it until today). He has since published a detailed account of what has happened, as well as how the jerk stole his domain (he has a secondary…

Psst… Want a Hulu Invite?

Ars Technica is giving away Hulu invites. If you want to check-out Hulu, grab an invite, supplies are limited. Literally.

Handling passwords safely in PHP

A great tutorial on storing passwords securely.

Free Camtasia

This is old news by now, but Techsmith has made an older version of their Camtasia Studio software available for free. The quality of the video screen captures are great, much better than the tool I previously used.

Digg: It’s About Who You Know

Digg needs some rethinking. If you know 1235 people, then you’ll have no problem getting something to the main page. If you don’t, it’s virtually impossible. I’ve submitted pages to Digg, only to have someone else submit a duplicate a few hours later (that…