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WSC on Design Float

My post, The Coolest Web Designs on the Planet was second on the DesignFloat main page yesterday. Despite not sending a flood of visitors, you have to admit DesignFloat isn’t totally based-off knowing 7856 people who use the site. That’s what I hate about Digg, it’s not about the quality of the post, but about who you know.

Have YOU Read the DMCA?

This is one of my favorite XKCD comics.


StupidFilter has been building software to filter-out stupid comments online. Digg, can you please implement this on your site when it’s available?

1000px is the new 800px

Actually it depends on your audience, as Smashing Magazine points out. However, I say 1000px is a minimum these days. My monitor is set at 1024×768 (though I could set it higher), and it’s currently on the small end. With new LCD monitors getting…

WP Super Cache: It’s Worth it.

Despite the fact that certain plugins aren’t compatible with it, I started using WP Super Cache a couple weeks ago. I just wanted to say that the increase in serving speed is definitely worth it. Even if you’re not likely to be Dugg or…

I Named Share This Classic!

Really. Take a look at this comment thread. I suggested that the name “Share This Classic” be used for the 1.x line of the Share This plugin, now that the 2.0 version is out.

Sites to Watch: StylishLabs

StylishLabs is a quick-growing blog purveying “useful ideas and information for designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and for everyone seeking for knowledge and inspiration.” They’ve been a frequent contributor to as well.

Oh, No! I Stumbled Jakob Nielsen’s Website!

I was just using Stumbleupon, and I found an interesting “Top 10″ list. After hitting the thumbs-up button, I realized I was on, Jakob Nielsen’s website. That maniac still thinks we should all support IE 3. It’s been eleven years for crying out…

YouTube Ups Size Limitation

Now your YouTube videos can be up to 1GB in size…but they can still only be 10 minutes or less unless you have a “Director Account.” What kind of 10-minute video is 1GB?

Pro Blog Design: Smashed

Pro Blog Design has been added to Smashing Magazine‘s blogroll. Michael’s subscriber count was upwards from 450 last night, but it’s lowered back to a little above normal today.