Design Spotlight: CNET

CNET Networks, the long-time and respected tech source that was recently acquired by CBS, has finally released their new design to the general public. When mockups were posted a few months ago, there was public outcry. I didn’t like it either. The design has come a long way since then, and I think it’s a worthy successor to the old design.

The redesign turned out pretty good, and I’m happy with it. I visit CNET a bit, seeing as I’m an avid listener of the Buzz Out Loud podcast, and they’re not a bad source for news or product reviews either. I think it was a mistake on their part to release early mockups like that. They bear little similarity to the final result, and caused undue panic.

The new version looks good, and it seems a touch cleaner than the old. There is some yellow still, but far less than the glaring yellow that people complained made their “eyeballs bleed.” The main page has a better layout, and there is more useful information on it.

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    Yeah, CNET is good designed and with the latest tech news, I like that site!