TweetStats: When Do You Tweet?

TweetStats is a semi-useful and interesting website that pulls information from Twitter via the API and generates graphs of your Twitter usage. Just enter your username and wait a moment or two while some numbers are crunched.

You get a bar graph of the number of postings per month, aggregate daily and hourly tweets, who you @reply the most; you also get a graph that shows your tweet density, or what parts of the day and week you tweet the most.

@redwall_hp's tweet density for April 2009

Apparently I post to Twitter a lot around noon, when I’m sure to be awake, and onward through the afternoon. I often use my iPod Touch when I’m away from my computer, hopping on open WiFi networks. My early-morning tweets aren’t very frequent, as I have a nasty habit of staying up late and then sleeping in; though I do have a bowling league around Saturday mornings (from September through March), so I get up around six AM to take a shower, eat, and do some computer stuff before hand.

When do you tweet? (Assuming you do, obviously…) Do you post on your lunch break at work? Do you tweet at times when you can’t really do anything else (e.g. while your work is compiling or rendering if you work in software or animation)? Do you tweet more at home, or when you’re out?