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Design Spotlight: ZDNet

ZDNet has recently redesigned their website.

New ZDNet Design

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Design Spotlight: Schneeballsch8 – The Duo Blog

Schneeballschl8 is a very innovative German blog. It’s two blogs in one, displayed on both sides of the central “sidebar.” (I suppose it would be a centerbar…) Leif Langsdorf and Dennis Nicolai, the two web designers who run the blog, are represented by the two cartoon caricatures in the header, with their blogs below.

Schneeballschl8.de, the duo blog.

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Design Spotlight: Adii

Adii, the self proclaimed “WordPress Rockstar,” has redesigned his blog.

The new Adii.co.za design

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Design Spotlight: Macworld.com Goes Web 2.0

The Apple Addicts over at Macworld.com, the website for the popular Macintosh magazine, have been busy redesigning their site. And it really needed a redesign.

Let’s start with the header. Here’s what the new header looks like:

Note that the logo says “BETA” next to it now. :D The horizontal navigation is similar to that of Apple.com, though with a bit of a twist. Overall, the header looks pretty good.

Down the page a bit, they’ve got a cool tabbed box with highlighted content.

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Design Spotlight: Snook.ca

The blog of web designer and developer Jonathan Snook, Snook.ca has one of the most interesting designs I’ve seen in the past couple of months.

The design is clean and simple, yet no space is wasted. My 1024×768 pixels of screen resolution are filled, leaving no extra space around the design’s edges. I can only speculate what it looks like on a bigger monitor, as it doesn’t appear to be a liquid layout. However, if I resize my browser window to 800×600 the header looks a little odd (see below image).

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Design Spotlight: Smashing Magazine Gets a New Layout

Well, it looks like Smashing Magazine launched a new layout without telling us. :D They’ve retained the clean look from the previous design, though the main content area isn’t nearly as wide as it had been previously.

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Design Spotlight: FeedIcons.com

FeedIcons.com, the easiest way to grab a copy of the standard RSS icon, has recently received a redesign.

The light-on-dark design, like the old version, makes the orange feed icons stand out. The other colors don’t look bad either.

The design is made-up from two colors, mainly. Black and a dark gray. Three buttons to the right of the logo take you to the three parts of the site, “Get the Icon,” “Code Snippets,” and “Guidelines.” The prior incarnation of the site only had one page, where you could download a ZIP archive of all of the icon types. Now there are three options. You have the “Standard Icon” pack which contains 28×28 and 14×14 versions of the orange RSS icon. The “Colour Pack” contains 12×12 versions of various colors. My favorite, the “Developer Kit,” is the original option from the old site. It has everything. 12×12 to 128×128 variations in numerous colors and formats (including JPG, GIF, PNG, and PSD).

The new design is pretty good for a white-on-black layout (which normally is hard on the eyes), and the content has increased. Take a look, and download the Developer Pack if you haven’t already. It’s indispensable for bloggers.

Design Spotlight: Blogsolid

Blogsolid is a blog about blogging. The tagline “ideas for better blogging” describes the site well.

Their content is good, and their design is amazing. It’s got a great natural/ancient/paper/etc kind of look to it. Though it’s a light-on-dark design, it’s been pulled-off well, and it’s not really that hard on the eyes.

Unlike most blogs, Blogsolid has taken the “Splash-Screen” approach, though I have to admit it’s one of those rare cases where it works (without being annoying). The splash page isn’t done with Flash either, which is a big plus. The splash page adds to the site, and does a great job of setting the tone. Note: Don’t try this at home!

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Design Spotlight: ProBlogDesign.com

Welcome back to Design Spotlight! I know it’s been awhile, but there have been a lot of other things to post about. Today we tackle Pro Blog Design.

ProBlogDesign has a cool, well-designed, template sporting a three-column layout. [Random thought here: We need to come up with a short name for this type of layout. It’s awkward to say “Three-columned layout with the two sidebars positioned to the right.”] The template uses few images, and features interesting positioning.

The logo (featured in 78 Inspirational Logos) sits inline with some useful text links, positioned at opposing ends of the screen. Floating atop some a green-striped background, the logo text is white, but almost metallic, somewhat reminiscent of the current iMac‘s white finish.

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Design Spotlight: North X East (July 6, 2007)

Today’s highlighted design is….North X East. The owner of NxE, Collis Ta’eed, is obviously a designer. Take a look at the current design (as of July 6, 2007….who knows? It could change again. :) ). It’s not your ordinary blog design. It’s pretty unique. Then there was the old, design (which was really cool as well). Collis has even said “I admit I do tend to dislike my own old designs :) Actually you’ll laugh to hear that I’ve already started to dislike this one, but this time I’m going to ignore myself!”. That’s how I feel about my designs as well. I sort of….get bored with them after awhile. When you know how to design, you tend to want to design more often than you get a chance to, and you get tired of your blog’s same old design.

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